Saturday, March 10, 2012

Braniff Exhibit in Palm Springs

A colorful Braniff 727Here's a short video we shot in Palm Springs during Modernism Week last year.

One of the highlights in 2011 was a Braniff Airlines exhibit. This intrigued us since Braniff was a "local" airline that started in Oklahoma City, later headquartered in Dallas.

But that didn't interest the crowd in Palm Springs. They were there to see the colorful uniforms and far out paint schemes that Braniff introduced in the Sixties. And a few of those in the crowd came to reminisce.

Getting to meet these ladies who actually "worked the aisles" was a great privilege.

As a follow-up to the exhibit Design Onscreen presented the film Art & Copy, a documentary about the advertising industry. While not specifically about Braniff, it does include a good deal on Mary Wells and the advertising campaigns she created for Braniff.


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