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Tulsa Roof on Display

..along with a really cool house. Modern Tulsa is hosting another super hip "Mod of the Moment" events this Sunday at the Netherton House. If that name doesn't immediately jog your memory maybe the striking roofline of this fabulous house will:

Modern Desk Designs

Jackie admires one of the 4x8 entries at S. R. Hughes. The crowd favorite here on Brookside: And a pretty cool chair too! Both from local designers. Here are some more of the designs that went on the auction block to benefit local charities. What's your favorite?

Need a Designer Desk?

How's that? "What designer?" you ask. Well, good question. Let's just say- they might be your neighbor. Or your classmate. And they might be the "next big thing." Last October the 4x8 competition challenged Tulsans to create a desk from a single piece of plywood. Like a 4-foot by 8-foot piece of plywood, in fact. Thus the name.

Letters: Visit to Tulsa

Oklahoma Modern reader JS from Dallas writes: Hi Rex and Jackie-  I’m an Okie from Shawnee and I enjoy your Oklahoma Modern blog.  I’m taking a photo trip/family visit to Tulsa in mid-April and want to check with you about what’s still around for me to enjoy.  Here’s a tentative list: