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Photo Scavenger Hunt II

Where Am I? Here's the second installment of the exciting game show that's sweeping the country! Congratulations to Derek Lee who correctly identified the super-sleek columns of the Stillwater National Bank building in Stillwater, Oklahoma. An official Oklahoma Modern t-shirt is headed your way! The 1967 Stillwater National Bank Building at 6th and Main in Stillwater. Now, let's start the next round!

Plywood Challenge

I've been shopping for a new desk. Then I read about a design competition sponsored by More Branding to design a desk from a single sheet of plywood. Thus the name: 4 x 8. It was so much fun they decided to invite others from the Tulsa design community to participate. Fifteen entries were received the first day.  What started out as a simple office project to replace some desks has turned into a full-blown, hard-core, design throwdown. The call for entries has gone out (and reprinted when they ran out) and come January we'll see just how creative T-Town really is. But wait... There is more. To top it off a showcase and silent auction will be held March 2012. The proceeds from each desk will benefit the school of each designer's choice! As of yet the location is yet to be determined- but if the pace of entries continue I'm thinking airplane hanger. So now I'm thinking it's time to design my own desk. Or maybe I'll wait and see what turns up and

Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest

Where Am I? Here's a fun idea: We'll post a photo, and you guess the location! The photos will be an architectural detail located within Oklahoma. If you think you know the location submit your guess on the Oklahoma Modern Facebook page . We'll pick a winner at random from the correct answers submitted (assuming there are more than one) and you'll receive a fabulous prize from one of our wonderful sponsors! Ready? Here's our first round... Go! Where Am I? If you know where this is visit us on Facebook , look for this post and click "Comment" to submit your answer! PS- If you have a cool photo you think might be appropriate let us know !