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Free Mid-Century Modern Posters

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma Modern! Here's a special mod and hip Christmas present for all you fans of Mid-Century buildings- compliments of Uncle Sam! Modern-Era Building Posters from the General Services Administration The General Services Administration (GSA) manages about a zillion square feet of our Nation's floorspace. Everything from courthouses to salt mines used for underground storage. Many of these government complexes were built in the postwar era. Minimalist and free of excess adornments, they appeal to a modern aesthetic. Most are not what your Average Joe would consider "purdy," but many are important examples of modern architectural design. But the good news is the GSA got the memo! Beginning in 2000, primarily due to outrage over a planned renovation to Denver's Federal Building, the importance of Mid-Century Modern was made clearly evident. Since then the GSA has realized the historic importance of many of the federal buildings unde


Sometimes a stairway is just a stairway. But sometimes it's a little more. This detail from the parking garage at St. Francis Hospital is pretty mundane. It's mostly just to keep the rain off the stairs. I thought it was pretty cool to look at. Sure, it's just 'crete. But someone actually thought about what that looked like. And I thank them for that.