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More Fun with Concrete

It's no wonder so many cool modern buildings are made from concrete.What else is so strong and versatile yet relatively cheap? With the invention of pre-stressed concrete we saw a boom in unique forms that would have never been possible using standard techniques. Even the most utilitarian of structure could now have an exotic and lively look. These mod concrete awnings over the pool at Henthorne Recreation Center are a perfect example. They are reminiscent of the park shelters and roadside awnings from the Sixties, especially some picnic sheleters we saw in Enid . But these are larger than most with a span of more than 60 feet. I especially like the subtle detail at each corner. Next up is a simple example I noticed while on a recent business trip to Las Vegas. It's a stairwell I spotted behind the Las Vegas Convention Center. It reminded me of another modern stairway we looked at last December. The simple form of the roof over the circular hole gives an otherwise m

Mod New Orleans School Needs Help

I admit, New Orleans is a long way from Oklahoma. But this story struck me as important enough to share. This 1954 school building is endangered and could easily become the latest victim of Hurricane Katrina. The Phyllis Wheatley School  featured an elevated design that provided a shaded recreation area under the building, not to mention protection from rising water. Today the building is looking pretty sad- but there is hope. World Monuments Fund: Phyllis Wheatley School  

Better Living by Design Video

We've neglected these modern pages recently because I've been ultra busy with a video project called Two Wheel Oklahoma . I'm happy to report it's now airing every Saturday morning at 9 AM on KMYT-TV in Tulsa. Speaking of video- the folks at Winston Media put together a great little clip show from the Modern Tulsa event held last month at Philbrook and Cucine Moderne. The event was held September 10, 2009 and showcased a new collection of modern objects from the George Kravis collection. A thunderstorm was also added at the last minute. Did you miss it? Wish you could have been there?  Wish no longer...