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George Nelson Exhibit at the OKCMOA

George Nelson: Architect, Writer, Designer, Teacher February 3 through May 8, 2011 Oklahoma City Museum of Art George Nelson is probably best known for his modern lighting and  furniture designs. His bubble lamps are an icon of Mid-Century Modern design, and today are considered a requirement on the set of any trendy video shoot. But Nelson's influence reached well beyond home furnishings. His talent as a writer, educator and architect was well known before he became an accomplished industrial designer. In fact, when he became the Director of Design for the Herman Miller Company in 1945 he had not designed a single piece of furniture. But fortunately for us, that was not the case for long! The exhibition features works by Nelson organized into three categories- home, office and literature.

Myriad Gardens: Like, Totally Tubular

Every time we pass by the Myriad Botanical Gardens it reminds me of the science fiction classic, Rendezvous with Rama . And the unusual cylinder perched in the midst of downtown Oklahoma City is almost as mysterious as its fictional cousin. Rendezvous with Rama was written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1972. The plot is based on an "asteroid" hurtling through deep space towards Earth. As it gets closer scientists discover the object is actually a 50-kilometer long metal cylinder- not an asteroid at all. Astronauts are dispatched to examine the mysterious object- codenamed Rama- and discover an artificial atmosphere inside, complete with clouds, islands and rain. Just like the mystical spaceship in the book, the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory at Myriad Gardens is a cylinder. It even contains a somewhat artificial atmosphere- in this case it's a tropical garden in the middle of Oklahoma, instead of the vacuum of space. However, unlike Rama, it is not hurtling through s

Ranch Acres Mod of the Moment

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Just what we wanted... It's Modern Tulsa's second holiday season Mod of the Moment! This time it's a snappy 1954 ranch near 36th and Delaware complete with four bedroom, 3 and half baths and the requisite walkaround fireplace. Nicely updated and fully kitted out with mod furnishings. It's so cool it even has its own website! Mod of the Moment Sunday, December 5, 2011 3:00 to 5:00 PM 2882 E 35th Place