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Rejuvenated Tulsa

Modernista enjoy a Modern Tulsa home tour through Lortondale in 2009. Tulsa has many beautiful historic neighborhoods. Over the years we've seen some of them severely decline, but fortunately many returned to become more vibrant than ever. One neighborhood that came close to the brink was Lortondale. The resurgence of this svelte subdivision is documented in a recent article in Tulsa People (see link below).

New Plans for Tulsa Autobank

Great news for drive-through banking fans... The First National Autobank in downtown Tulsa will soon become a new eatery! Libby Auld, the proprietor of Elote plans to open a new restaurant called the Vault. The futuristic 1958 bank has been vacant for many years and was most recently being remodeled as a lounge/sushi bar. Located at 7th and Cincinnati the complex features upstairs parking and a small meeting room called the Tom Tom Room, where Central High School alumni once met. No word yet on plans for the drive-thru lanes. More from the Tulsa World...

Tulsa's Interstate Temple Remembered

Remember the World Museum? Also known as the Interstate Temple, the zany thin-shell concrete rotunda was razed in 2009 to make way for the I-44 widening project in Tulsa. Sniff, sniff.

Unknown Places

One of the more amazing collections available through the Tulsa City-County Library is the Beryl Ford Collection. Ford collected thousands of images of Tulsa right up to his death in 2009. The Rotary Club of Tulsa purchased the collection and, with the help of the Tulsa City-County Library and the Tulsa Historical Society, began the monumental task of preserving and digitizing the collection. An unidentified bathing beauty, just one of hundreds of unknown images from the Beryl Ford Collection. Today you can browse the Beryl Ford Collection online, search the database and even purchase prints. It's a fascinating peak into our city's past.