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What Happened in Vegas?

About the only thing that happens in Vegas faster than new construction is the erasing of history. In a city where a five year-old building is considered tired, it's no surprise that history passes through the bulldozer's bucket faster than a free buffet line.  Enjoy this view of that blue and silver building. It won't be around much longer!  When visiting Las Vegas I usually find myself visiting the seedier parts of town looking for what made Sin City click in the Fifties and Sixties. This time around I actually wanted to visit something new . Yes, a modernist enclave on the main drag for a change! One of the most interesting new sites on the Strip is called City Center. Ironically, this new Geary-induced development is soon to be visited by wrecking crews! In a bizarre "only in Vegas" turn of events the Harmon Hotel is going to be razed before it ever opened its doors . The 26-story hotel has been deemed defective and the owners have requested a