Tulsa's Interstate Temple Remembered

Remember the World Museum?

La Concha de Tulsa?

Also known as the Interstate Temple, the zany thin-shell concrete rotunda was razed in 2009 to make way for the I-44 widening project in Tulsa. Sniff, sniff.

Before it was mowed down I managed to snap some photos of the building, its interior and the main entrance. But the modern architecture was only part of the story of this unusual place. What my photos couldn't capture were the treasures (or shrunken heads) once on display here. The story behind the World Museum and the "global memorabilia" visitors found inside are the subject of a wonderful article that recently appeared in This Land Press:

The Oddities of Evangelism by Holly Wall

It's an enjoyable read I thought was well worth sharing. If you'd like to see more photos from the final days of the World Museum sit back and enjoy the slideshow...


Anonymous said…
I wonder who scored the big, silver globe?

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