Modern Homes: Concrete Turret of Sand Springs

One of the wackiest homes around Tulsa is this gem. It's located just east of Sand Springs off Edison. Now that the trees are losing their leaves you can catch a glimpse of it when traveling westbound on US-412. Look to the north as you approach the 65th Street exit.

The house is situated on a hill with the garage underneath. The circular drive you see in the photo leads to the front entrance– and a rustic-style door that seems quite out of place on such an avant garde structure.


Anonymous said...

This is such a odd little house. What does the inside look like? Has a bit of a Jetson's feel

Life's Been Good to Me So Far said...

I have driven past this home many times and always wanted to take a tour. Very unique design and a great location for a 360 degree view.

fedexbob said...

Needs to spin!

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