Meet the Modern Photographer

For fans of modern design and Mid Century architecture the name Julius Shulman is probably familiar. Think of him as the Ansel Adams of mod.

My shots of this unusual bank can be seen elsewhere on this site.Shulman, now a youthful 98 years old, began his career in the Thirties and has photographed nearly every significant architect in the modern movement. Through the Fifties and Sixties his shots came to symbolize California style and the modern aesthetic.

Oklahomans will have a rare chance to meet this iconic photographer on September 11, 2008. Shulman will be giving a lecture at Untitled Artspace in Oklahoma City as part of the Bruce Goff Lecture Series.

The event begins at 5:00 and is free. For more info and details on Untitled Artspace visit, or skip the puzzling home page navigation and go directly to the press release.


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