New List of Modern Links

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Just a quick note to take care of a little cyber-housekeeping.

I've created a new page specifically for links to other sites. The new Mo' Modern Links page lists a slew of cool sites that deal with modern design, mid-century architecture and more. There's a even a little widget to display cool stuff for sale on eBay!

Over time our list of links, customarily found along the side of any respectable blog, has grown larger and larger. Not one to easily heel to the status quo, I decided to give these links the respect they deserve and give them their very own page. Over time we will add cool sites as we find them (or as you suggest them). Our archive of previous posts and clever products for your modern lifestyle will still be along the sidebar. But if you want to spend hours surfing le Internet Moderne- then you just need to bookmark our links page.

Now with all this room for the links to stretch out and relax, we're on the prowl for even more! Enjoy.


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