Golden Door Motel

Roadside Modern Found in Neighboring Missouri

Rotating sign in front of the Golden Door Motel in Osage Beach, MissouriOn a recent excursion to Lake of the Ozarks we discovered this gem of a roadside motel. The unique moving sign caught our eye- and the zig zag roof drew us in. But the real treat is the Sixties style and courtyard pool!

The Golden Door Motel is a classic example of a roadside, park-at-your-door motel. The fact that it's so clean and well maintained is unique. That its style remains essentially unaltered, especially in this fast growing resort town, is a modern miracle.
Here's a short video showing a few of the highlights we noticed that afternoon...

According to the current owner, the motel originally consisted of the front two wings, built in 1966. The construction is a space-age laminate of styrofoam sandwiched in plywood. The roof of the east wing is flat due to storm damage in the Seventies. There have been several units added over the years, but most of them stay true to the basic look of the original.

Inside the rooms have typical motel decor, except much cleaner than most. None of them really scream retro, except maybe the Divided Double which has a low sandstone wall between the rooms. It would be cool to see some period furnishings added to bring the interiors up to speed with the exterior!

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Unknown said…
Hi Rex, The video is not displaying in my browser - Firefox 3 mac. Looks interesting though!
JRB said…
Hmmph. It seems to be a little iffy. Here's a direct link to the video on You Tube...

Golden Door Motel Video

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