Just Another Teardown

This smart looking modern house doesn't stand a chance.

I've always liked the house, especially the upstairs deck and railing. It looks like a very sensible size (which means it's tiny by modern standards) and doesn't appear to be very run down.

Unfortunately it's cursed with a prime location that adjoins a large vacant lot. The realtor is so convinced nobody would want this boxy Fifties bungalow they felt the need to add "LOT" to the for sale sign. Seems like we could give the house a chance. Do we really need to point out the oversized lot to would-be developers? Or is the $450,000 price tag not obvious enough?

The house is on on Terwilleger Boulevard just west of Utica. Enjoy it while you can.


modbetty said…
doesn't that just break your heart?

Makes me see "teer" instead of "tare" when I read the headline.

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