Photo Tour: Admiral Boulevard in Tulsa

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Admiral Boulevard is the north-south division in Tulsa. It was also known as the northern border of the Cherokee Nation, but that was back before anyone cared much about a Tulsa address. Through the years Admiral has been known as Federal Way, Route 66, Highway 33 and- to the tragically nerdy- the 36th parallel.

There's a slew of cool neon along Admiral, mostly due to its former status as a highway and major thoroughfare. On the eastern end was the Traffic Circle- a feature that most Tulsa drivers seemed to loathe. It was intended to handle high traffic load without a stop light- which it still does today. At one time this was also a major highway junction of Route 66, OK-33, US-169 and the Skelly Bypass.

In the Sixties there were also a number of suburbia-style shopping destinations. One of the finest, Sheridan Village, was at the southwest corner of Admiral and Sheridan. Rooftop parking was a futuristic notion back then.

A suburban bank branch with an awesome concrete roof.

Unique monolithic sign at this strip mall near Harvard.

At one time Borden's Cafeterias seemed to be everywhere. Even on the roof of Sheridan Village!

Photo Tour: Admiral Boulevard in Tulsa


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