Goff Exhibit at Price Tower

Hey gang, here's a great idea for anyone who hasn't seen this excellent exhibit yet- drive to Bartlesville! That's right. You've got a month left to see this unique glimpse into the far out world of Bruce Goff.

Jackie and I ran up the turnpike last October to see Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind at the Fred Jones Museum in Norman, OK. The exhibit is currently at the Price Tower Arts Center through April.

The exhibit is dedicated to Goff's designed-but-never-built projects. Visitors are taken on a virtual tour through the magic of fancy computer stuff! Projects never realized come to life through photo-realistic 3D renderings. Even the ill-fated Shin-enkan (lost to arson in 1996) has been reimagined for this show.

A selection of Goff's original drawings are also on display, but it's the 3D animations that kick it up a notch. The video creations, made by Skyline Ink Animation Studios of Oklahoma City, are truly the main event. Watching as the "camera" flies over the moonlit desert towards Goff's never-built Viva Hotel is nothing short of spectacular.

This display certainly deserves to be seen in other cities. The curators who pulled all this together did a great job! But seeing it at the Price Tower, once home to Bruce Goff, is the ultimate venue for this impressive display.

Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind @ Price Tower
through May 1, 2011


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