Photo Tour: Various Tulsa Homes

A few snapshots of our favorite houses in T-Town. This is not an exhaustive list- just a selection of cool pads that we thought were worth sharing.

Somewhere west of Lewis.

University Club Tower isn't Tulsa's only modern high-rise. The award-winning 2300 Riverside from 1963 is pretty mod too!

This displaced motel is actually a home in Johansen Acres.

This is a great house located near 31st and Lewis.

One of my all-time favorites- the Sanditen House on South Utica.

This is a pretty neat house- but that's a really awesome roof! It's just west of Harvard behind Edison High School.

Another modern little abode near 43rd and Harvard.

And let's not forget the Lustron on North Harvard!

This house has some killer curb appeal.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more modern, or visit us on Facebook!


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