Recycled Plant Stand

We've had this plant stand sitting around for years. It was one of those multi-tiered, folding jobs made from wood- very Seventies. Like the brochure might have had a macramé owl hanging on the wall behind it.
We had no use for it but I just couldn't bring myself to throw the thing away. I kept looking at those 2" x 2" lengths of wood and seeing a cool table or room divider hidden within.

Jackie came up with the idea for a Nelson-esque table. So we took it apart and started playing Lincoln Logs. We arranged the different lengths of wood into various configurations. Just to avoid litigation (wink*) we added two short "accents" on each side. A set of hairpin legs Jackie had scored at an estate sale completed the project.

It's not a real Nelson Platform Bench, but for less than $10 of hardware I think it's pretty cool.


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