News Anchor Crashes Parade Float

No injuries reported.

Mechanical Snowman is a Local Favorite

Local modernista may be familiar with Shane Hood, he's quite active with Modern Tulsa, the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and the Lortondale neighborhood. He also happens to be involved with another really cool non-profit called Fab Lab.

So last week this fabulous laboratory (get it?) made an awesome parade float for the Tulsa Parade of Lights. Shane helped design this wacky snowman that drove around blowing out smoke and playing cocktail party Christmas music. It was quite a scene. Half the crowd was laughing their ass off while the other half thought it might run them over! Needless to say, it was a huge hit.

Then this morning one of the local morning shows asked them to bring the snowman by the station. The co-anchor decides she wants to drive it and... well, here's the video:


Jackie Brown said…
Okay, now I wanna drive it too!

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