Photo Tour: Broken Arrow Moderns

Just a few random images. 

Tulsa's largest suburb isn't usually associated with modernism, but if you look closely there are some unique examples of Mid-Century Modern. Here's a random sampling I snapped on a cloudy day in December...

By far the best known modern structure in BA would have to be this white building on the hill. For decades this former church has been turning heads near the Broken Arrow Expressway. Some people describe it as a covered wagon, others see a cornucopia. But Jackie's nickname for it my favorite is. She has called it the "chicken church" since childhood.

Lutheran Church by Bill Ryan

Mod Steeple

Today it's called the Chapel on the Hill. It was originally built as a Lutheran church and designed by William H. Ryan. Bill also designed East Central High School in Tulsa. His fascination with round roofs and concrete is evident. Especially when you consider he also penned Tulsa's iconic Rose Bowl on Route 66 and the original Elk's Lodge dome building on South Harvard.

Today the former church operates as an event center and is available for weddings, reunions, receptions, etc. If you're wondering what the interior looks like visit their website and click on the promotional video link. You're in for a treat!

Chapel on the Hill
View from the south. When viewed from the nearby expressway the
building resembles a chicken sitting on her nest.

Our next modern stop is another church, the St. Anne Roman Catholic Church.

St. Anne Roman Catholic Church

St. Anne's CarylonCompleted in 1983 this is not our typical Mid Mod style, but it is a pretty contemporary building. My favorite detail is the open-face carillon.

The parish is located on Lynne Lane south of the Broken Arrow Expressway. For more on the interesting history of this parish and photos visit their gallery on the St Anne Website.

Finally we leave you with this wonderful example of understated modernism- the Broken Arrow Central Fire Station.

Mod Fire Station

Located on Kenosha (71st Street) at Main, the Central Fire Station was built in 1973. The exposed structure and tasteful landscaping catch my eye every time I pass this way. Hopefully, those in charge appreciate its clean and simple design.

Did we miss one?
I'm almost sure of it!
This was never meant to be an exhaustive catalog. But if you'd like to share your favorite contact us or post it on our Facebook page!


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