Ranch Acres Time Capsule

I just discovered a unique home only a few blocks away from us. And I discovered it on a blog published halfway across the country. So amazing, this Internet thing.

The house is a 3200-foot, 3 bedroom in Ranch Acres. It's one of those cool floorplans with two main wings that make a flying V. Inside it's full Zsa Zsa Colonial with harvest gold appliances and mysterious woodgrains. The fireplace set into the curved sandstone wall is also noteworthy.

But don't take my word for it- here's a link to the article on Retro Nation about this awesome find:

1955 Tulsa Time Capsule

Let's hope an appreciative new owner saves this one from a Tuscan remuddle!

Retro Nation is the product of a raving retroholic named Pam Kueber. She documents her own mid-century crisis and restoration of a Colonial-Ranch home in Lenox, Massachusetts. But my absolute, hands-down,  fav-o-rite thing about her blog is the tagline:

Love the house you're in!


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