A Parade of Home

Home tours used to be a window into the future. A glimpse into a fascinating world of tomorrow. 

Today a home tour brings to mind ginormous houses with a lot of floorspace, but not a lot of design. The checklist usually includes an expanse of granite, a media room, lots of dormer windows (even where there are no rooms) and a touch of wood-grained vinyl. Style is typically looking backwards- like a world of yesteryear, but with big screen TVs.

This Saturday you'll have a chance to experience a home tour circa 1955. A glimpse of what the future once looked like to postwar America.

Modern Tulsa is hosting an open house and tour of a model home called the Citation. 

Tulsa's Atomic Ranch
Open House & Tour
June 2, 2012 • 10am-3pm 
Admission: $5 per person
1717 S. Erie • Tulsa, Oklahoma

Proceeds benefit Modern Tulsa, a program of the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. More info at tulsaarchitecture.com...

This sleek Ranch-style home was featured in the 1956 Parade of Homes in the Wedgwood neighborhood. If you don't happen to live near Tulsa you can still catch a glimpse of this futuristic beauty- it's featured in the new book, Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors.

Tour-goers will get to ogle futuristic features like a fold-down cooktop, the square bathtub and a built-in barbecue. Copies of the book will also be available and rumor has it the homeowner might even autograph a few!


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