Nichols Hills Conversion

It Works Both Ways

Have you ever noticed how often a modern or contemporary home falls victim to a Brasser?*

Sometimes it seems like half the cool modern houses in Oklahoma have been purchased by people that loathe them. Why else would they add out-of-place accents like Colonial porch lights, crown mouldings, gabled roofs, Victorian doors- the list goes on. I often wonder why anyone would buy a home they hate that much! But occasionally- not often- it goes in the opposite direction.

Modern Renovation in Nichols Hills
Consider this handsome redo in Nichols Hills. The dormers accent a linear facade that is punctuated with a splash of International Orange. A frumpy and traditional house has been transformed into something that belongs in an art gallery.

In fact- it sort of looks like an art gallery!

*Brasser: persons or entities who insist on installing shiny brass or colonial accessories, lighting fixtures or adornments on buildings or structures even when they are wildly inappropriate.


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