Remembering Tulsa's Starchitects

Edward Durrell Stone designed the Tulsa Assembly Center,
but it was MJM who were the "Architects of Record."
Anyone who reads much about Oklahoma's architectural history in the 20th century is bound to come upon the name Murray-Jones-Murray. The architectural firm was responsible for some of our state's most iconic Mid-Century Modern buildings.

MJM began with David G. Murray, and his younger brother Lee, in the early Fifties. The Civic Center project introduced Robert Lawton Jones into the mix. Eventually the form went on to design award-winning projects such as the Tulsa International Airport, Bishop Kelly High School, Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church and the R.L. Jones House. A recent article by Roger Coffey, AIA in GTR Newspapers examines the firm's history and their signature specialty: Murray Jones Murray Led International Style.

Lee Murray passed away earlier this year. Bob Jones is enjoying retirement in Santa Fe and David Murray still resides in Tulsa.


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