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Okie Mod Weekend

Oklahoma's first celebration of modern architecture and design will be held May 20-22, 2015.

The event will be hosted by the Okie Mod Squad, an Oklahoma City-based group that promotes the appreciation and preservation of Mid-Century Modern design. To drive home that point they have chosen a uniquely identifiable site to host this first-ever event: The First Christian Church of Oklahoma City.

Located just off I-235 at 36th and Walker, the domed sanctuary is a well known landmark. Built in 1956 the complex was fittingly dubbed "the Church of Tomorrow." This is where the majority of events will take place.

This includes a fun-filled weekend with various mixers, a vintage car show, a mid-century modern market, a fashion show, architecture tours and, of course, an ultra-lounge dance party.

It should be great fun and we're hoping it becomes an annual event. I had the opportunity to explore this wonderful complex back in 2010. It will make a great location for this inaugural event!

For more details visit or contact for more information.


View more photos of the Church of Tomorrow....


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