The Scandia Scandal

Why are people so darned obsessed with remuddling?

Not far from our humble abode is a perfectly quaint apartment complex called the Scandia. As the name implies, it was kind of modern. Scandinavian might be pushing it- but it was pretty cool. Here's what it looked like until recently:

Each apartment has a nice little patio, screened off by decorative block.

Oh wait... I mean it HAD a nice little patio. Recently the owners of the Scandia decided they needed some of that stacked rock that is all the rage. Never mind the fact the decorative block offered some privacy... it was time to "update" the building!

So now the nice little midmod apartments look like this mashup of masonry:

I realize most people don't get freaked out by painting brick, or hanging shiny brass goo-gaws on inappropriate homes. But where do people get the idea that something like this is an improvement?!?

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