The Concrete House

I remember the giant concrete house on Highway 33 between Inola and Chouteau. It was a landmark for us during family outings to visit friends in Locust Grove. For years it sat partially completed and hollow, a house-shaped shell made of steel and concrete. 

Current listings show it was built in 1989, but I remember seeing the initial construction and half-finished skeleton long before that. Apparently some time in the Nineties it was finished out as a home ( a really big home), and then in 2017 found new life as an event center. 

Called the Thompson Mansion today, it has room for 300 people to mingle on the back patio and has hosted weddings, corporate retreats, birthdays, etc. Next month it goes on the auction block and will presumably begin a new chapter for the 23,000 square foot monstrosity. 

Obviously we just had to go take a peak inside!

The floorplan is a sprawling layout comprised of two stories, plus a basement that serves as art gallery. The enclosed pool overlooks the "back yard" with a stunning view of... US-412. 

Auction is schedule for April 15, 2022 at noon. Can't help but wonder if that date has deeper meaning? To learn more about the property or upcoming auction visit Williams & Williams.


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