Thursday, January 10, 2008

Modern Home in the Osage Hills

Several years ago we noticed an interesting real estate listing. It was a home for sale in Osage County "only 15 minutes from downtown."

It was advertised as a custom-built home on 5 acres. Seems like it mentioned something about being designed by a well-known architect (although I do not recall or know who did design this house).

We decided to take a drive and have a look at it.

At that time the house was essentially an unfinished project. For the most part it was all there, but a good deal was left to be done. We looked, snapped a few photos, thought it was interesting, but decided it would need too much "redesign" and way too much work.

For instance, the house pretty much had no kitchen. What sufficed for the kitchen was better suited to a break room or motel kitchenette. The concrete floors were plumbed for convection heating, but no heater was in place to connect.

The property this house is situated on is very cool. It's on top of a hill overlooking the rolling hills of the Osage. About 50 yards behind the house is a small pond.

The last I heard about this unusual property was in an article in the Tulsa World. It was back on the market, but this time it was finished and (gasp!) it even included a kitchen!
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